Period 37 days late - BFN :( -TTC 2nd baby

So my last period was the 17th of may and lasted until the 21st of may. I get pretty heavy painful periods, so always know when I expect one.

I have done about 10 tests, all negative. I have been doctors and they have told me just to wait it out (going back on Thursday)

I had a really light pinky bleed with some mucus, (sort of looked like the start of a mucus plug from when I went in to labour with my first) which was just spotting, lasted a few days and caused a few niggly pains. This was on the 9th of July.. (I took my last test a week and a half after the bleed incase it was implantation) now discharge is heavier than normal and white in colour, so smell or itching so no infection there. Not really sure why it’s white though

I have no feeling of my period coming on at all. But at the same time I’m not really experiencing any pregnancy symptoms..

Anyone not had a positive for this long before and still been pregnant? I just want to know if I am... and if I’m not I just want my period so we can start trying again :(