LOVE Sex With my Husbanbd!!!

I feel like I can't stop! We've been married 4 years, and this year just happens to have heightened our lovelife on overdrive! We've been doing it frequently the past 2 months than any other times, and I'm currently pregnant at the end of 2nd trimester! idc, I want to do more, make it sensual and hot just between us, no 3somes or porn... something between heterosexual couples, and in need of ideas! last night we did a new position and I just love cumming on his dick while inside me, he finished inside me, and I ejaculated 😘 after so long we've discovered on our own and have been successful to have cum and squirt 😁 Love it and it's def progressed my drive for more and ALL the time, fortunately he hasn't complained lol. In fact loves my pregnant belly so much, he's massages as part of foreplay 😊 I love his package, just right and pleasurable! I really wanna go at it AGAIN after we get our son down at 730p tonight!! Any suggestions on orgasmic positions? We've done missionary, scissors, spooning, doggy... NEED MORE ideas!!!