How do I tell my boyfriend ?


So my boyfriend and I have two dogs one is his one is mine, his dog is a yellow lab and sheds like noones business. We have a basement apartment it’s small it gets stuffy, my dog doesn’t shed anywhere near as much. It’s to the point where I can’t breathe I’m constantly cleaning and I vacuum every other day and I have to clean it out twice because of how much hair there is. I’m 6 weeks pregnant I do not want his dog here when the baby comes because I’m afraid the baby is going to get asthma or something from it being so stuffy and having hair everywhere. His dog can go to his moms house so it’s not like he would have to send him to the pound which I would never ever let happen but I am stuck. I love duke but I cannot deal with cleaning so much while working and going to school and having a million things to do to come home and deal with it. Also he’s so big that when I let him out he sometimes knocks me over and when I get bigger I can’t have that happen. When I lived alone just me and my dog it was never like this at all ugh I need help. How do I tell him he has to bring his dog to his moms with out causing a huge blow out?