Neglect Child by Not Brushing Teeth


Would it be considered neglect to not brush your infant/toddler’s teeth? Is it big enough to warrant a CPS call?

My little sister is 2.5 yo and is well taken care of, for the most part. The only thing they don’t do is brush her teeth and they never have (they being my dad and his gf). She recently went to the dentist for the first time because she chipped her top front tooth (when she was probably 8 months old but it took that long to take her to the dentist bc they had to find a pedi one and the closest was 45 minutes away, along with other factors), but because so long had passed more of her teeth began to die and they had to pull the top 4 teeth. They still don’t brush her teeth. My dad’s gf’s brother called CPS because of this. And he knows how well taken care of she is beyond this so this was his sole reason for calling.

Would you consider this neglect? Would this warrant a CPS call?