Water broke at 21w 4d, thankfully no labor


A week ago today I was painting my toenails in the evening and all of the sudden I felt a hush of liquid. I immediately called my doctor and they said to go to the hospital labor and delivery to get checked out. When we first got there they confirmed that my water had broke (called PPROM) but on the ultrasound it still showed I had a lot of fluid. They admitted me overnight and put me on antibiotics through the IV to avoid infection. The leaking continued overnight and my morning I had no fluid left. After a few very difficult conversations with our doctors and MFM my husband and I said we still want to go forward with the pregnancy with hopes the baby will stay put for many many more weeks. I stayed there a few nights then we requested an appointment at a high risk facility, University of Michigan. Thankfully they are only about 45 minutes away. After more difficult discussions about possibilities we have a plan! I have been at home since Friday on best rest and will continue until I get admitted to U of M on Saturday when I will be 23w and stay for the duration of my pregnancy. I am getting steroid injections this Thursday and Friday to help develop baby boys lungs. This is a long post and I’m sorry for that! I just wanted to request any prayers and positive thoughts/vibes our way! We are determined to keep baby boy in my belly for many more weeks and eventually deliver a healthy baby! Until then I’m chugging water to try to rebuild fluid and staying on bed rest! ❤️