Is my moms memory loss something to be worried about?


Hi, so Alzheimer’s is a disease that I’ve done a lot of research on.. mainly because my greatest fear is one of my family members developing it.. my mom has always had memory and attention problems for as long as I’ve known her but it seems to be getting worse? 😕

I just got back from the grocery store today with her and she asked me the same question THREE times in which I gave her the same response all three times.. I also retold her 2 stories in which both ive told her in the last week or two but she says I never told her.

I know it sounds silly but she drinks a lot of diet soda, tea, etc. ONLY diet. And I heard that aspartame (which is in most diet products) can cause or worsen memory problems & other cognitive problems. Both me and my dad have tried to get her to stop drinking diet but she still believes it’s better than sugar.. I have no idea if that’s causing it.. if it COULD be early dementia.. or if that’s just how she is.. I love my mom more than anything, she’s so lively and high spirited & is so lucky not to have any serious medical issues in her life despite her turning 60 soon. Alzheimer’s doesn’t run in the family, but should it be something I should be concerned about? :/ thanks for any advice