If you have a problem with a child, do you go to the child or the parent?


In my certain situation, I’m dealing with a neighbor constantly yelling at our 3 year old for “playing in the water” in our back yard.

He has this sprinkler that he plays in that sometimes goes into the neighbors trees (hits their treeline, that’s it)

The lady next door doesn’t like the water hitting her trees (they’re grown over into our yard)

She peeks thru our part of the fence that is chain link & begins yelling at my child (I’m watching this from my kitchen window), so I walk out and ask her what the issue is.

She continues to yell at my son as I’m standing right there and I make it very clear that if you have an issue with my THREE YEAR OLD playing, you come to me... not to the three year old... as anything that he does, is put together by me.

she has done this on 2 other occasions, when I have been right next to my son, and she ignores me and goes straight for yelling at him. I’ve even asked her to come over so we could talk and get an understanding of what needs to happen & she refuses.

I know this is a vague poll for my particular situation but I wanted to know what y’all would do.

If you have an issue with something a child may be doing, do you go to the child about it? Or do you go to the parent of the child?

What do the circumstances depend upon?

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