I don’t know where else to post this.

Does anyone have a unhealthy relationship with their step mom (dads wife) and still Maintain a healthy relationship with your father??

My dads wife came from the Philippines about 12 years ago. She never tried to bond with me much less talk to me. I was only at my dads house every other weekend. She would always go to her bedroom when I would come over. I would always make excuses for why she would be so quite around me or not talk to me . Now that I’m older, I realize a lot of things. They didn’t even want me living with them when I was 16-18. I found somewhere else to live. There is so much more to this story, but my point is, how do I Maintain a relationship with my father when I can’t even believe he let this women act like he never had children. My dad said to me “we can’t have a relationship because of my wife?” But I don’t know how to when he enables her to act like this. I don’t even know why she doesn’t like me. I’ve tried numerous times to talk to her.