Feel as if i’m overweight now

I went to the doctor today and my doctor tells me i’m gaining too much weight too fast. He said i gain about 6lbs a month and to cut out all SUGAR. before pregnancy i was 106lbs (very hard to gain weight) & now i’m 30 weeks & 130 lbs & my baby is a week ahead of what he’s supposed to weight.. i feel as if I don’t eat much but when i do eat, It’s a big meal because i realized even after i eat, my stomach will still growl,so it takes a lot to fill me up. i have a snack here and there like ice cream, granola bars, fruits etc ... i try eating healthier but everything i eat seems to stay with me .?is there any advice on how i can slow down my weight ? i’m starting to feel really sad about the quick weight gain & it’s bothering me