Baby Annalise arrived 🎀


My story: My bf and I were talking in the room waiting for our pizza we ordered. I was sitting down cris cross apple sauce in bed. I felt something dripping between my legs. I got up so quick went straight to the bathroom and cleaned my self more kept coming down dripping on the floor running down my leg. I called my bf to the bathroom to show him and he called my aunt she said my water broke! My due date wasn’t till August 3rd and this happened July 23rd at 8:45pm. We went to the hospital told them that we think my water broke. They sent me to a room and checked if I was in labor and I was. I was only 2cm dilated. I got to the labor and delivery room didn’t start pushing till 3:00pm I wanted a natural birth no epidural or any kind of medicine. My contractions got really bad and strong I asked for a medicine they gave me it then it wasn’t doing anything so i asked for an epidural cause I couldn’t even walk. I started pushing and pushing for 4 hours! Doctors came in to see why the baby hasn’t come out apparently the situation was that my pelvic is too narrow for her to come out I was pushing very good they saw her head but her skull wasn’t coming out only the tissue in her head. They told me I couldn’t push anymore cause she’s not bout to come out and it’s really dangerous that the only thing they could do was a c-section. I started crying cause that’s not what I wanted but for the safety of my baby I went for it went to get my c-section and the baby arrived at 5:49pm on July 24th 2018

Everybody meet my healthy precious daughter Annalise Nicole Fonseca 6lbs 4oz 20in long 😍💖 she’s absolutely perfect in my eyes 😩💘