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So around 8 am I was feeling contractions and they were about 5 mins apart . I used the app I had to time then they started getting closer and harder but I didn't want to just go in and they send me home. I waited about 2 hours before going in . Once I got here I could hardly breathe or walk I knew I wasn't leaving then. The doc came in and told me I was 2 2/5 cm told me to wait an HR and within that hour I banged to 3 and the pain got worst . I was crying and so annoying be because I thought they would send me home but the doc wanted to admit me it was around 3 I finally was admitted and they put me in a room when they checked me again I was at a 5 . When. I say the pain was out this world I was crying asking meds . I could hardly breathe they checked me again I jumped to a 7 less than an HR. Mind u my boyfriend was rushing to get here since he lives a hr away . He made it just in time for them to give me the epidural . The pain finally went away but baby was making her way down . Around 730 I had new nurses and doctors come in and I told them I felt her pushing down . I didn't notice some of my water broke so they finished breaking it I had already hit 10cm. Her head was already coming out they thought I was pushing . So all at once we had about 6 ppl rush in and they finally told me to push . I didn't even push like that maybe once and she was already out. Baby girl did most of the work for me. I was in labor for 12 hrs before she came into this world and I'm already in love

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