TMI sorry please help!


I’m 20 dpo, my bf and I had sex 3 times around the time of ovulation.

I was feeling bloated and light cramping not too noticeable a week before af so I thought I would be getting normal period.

One dark drop of blood almost clot looking or old, then pinkish/light brown for 2 1/2 days and only had to use liners.

No cramping like normal but after the 2-3 days of “spotting super bloated, gassy and now diarrhea for the past 5-6 days.

As soon as I eat I’m running to the bathroom 20 min later, no appetite and my stomach-just feels fat and gross!! Crying throughout the day and feel like a hot mess.

First times pregnant I was nauseous but didn’t know/have morning sickness till 3-4 mo.

Please if anyone has experienced this and found out they were indeed pregnant let me know, I’m starting to think my stomach must be messed up, also very lethargic.