why is it so hard to leave him 😣 UPDATE!!

ive posted on here before and many might say im stupid for still being with my husband.

a little of what im going thru.

i currently have a 5year old from my previous relationship , & im 30 weeks with twin girls with my husband.

we got married in March 2018.


in January 2018 he got physical with me and beat me.

a couple days after i found out i was pregnant... he apologized and well dumb me forgave him due to the fact we had found out i was pregnant.


in march , the day after our wedding i saw in his phone a deleted screenshot of him facetiming some female she was showing her boobs...

again. dumb me forgave him since we were recently married & well the pregnancy.


fast foward a couple months he would get physical & verbally abusive towards me.

he has a drinking problem...


about a month ago i decided to leave him.

because he started leaving and not coming home till the following morning...

he would go to clubs , drink & 100% sure he used coke...


i came to my moms he came to talk to me and dumb me forgave him ,

once again im 30 weeks with twins.

and Wednesday he left came back Thursday at 6AM.... today he left and isnt back yet.


about 2 weeks ago he left town to work for 2 weeks. that same night he left he comtacted the female from the screen shot after our wedding.

and she told me he offered her money for her to move up here to our home state.

im just fed up and dont know how to end this

UPDATE: he came home so drunk & got physical and verbally abusive .in his phone was calls & txt from some female and his ex girlfriend.

im at the hospital ...

dialated to 3cm & soon to get steroid shots for my baby girls . im so scared but definitely going to kick him out & divorce...