Boyfriend changed the baby name


So first let me start by saying that my boyfriend is always the sweetest most thoughtful selfless human being alive and I love him dearly. We never argue with the exception of some bickering every now and then but yesterday is easily the angriest I’ve ever been at him and he just doesn’t understand why. So let me give some back story

I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant after TTC since January. We’ve had baby names picked out since before we were even trying. We decided on Grace James if it was a girl, at first he didn’t love James as a girl middle name but then it really started to grow on him, but before he liked it we had discussed other options. I hated every middle name that came up. However at one point back in November he had mentioned Grace Marie because his mother’s middle name is Marie and my exact words were “well I don’t completely hate it but I still don’t like it as much as Grace James” we never once discussed it again and he’s even referred to the baby as Gracie James because he’s dying for a girl. I’m hoping for a boy.

Yesterday he came home and goes “hey babe we agreed on Grace Marie if it’s a girl right?” And I go “what? No??!!” And he goes “oh well oops I told my mom it was and she’s excited that we may name the baby after her”

I just can’t. I was so upset and I told him I was very upset with him because even if he didn’t like Grace James anymore we should have discussed it before telling people especially his mom.

He went into a big rant and got mad at me for being upset and said that it shouldn’t even matter because I don’t even want a girl anyway and that his mom means a lot to him and I completely understand and honestly if he had come to me and said it would mean a lot I’d have definitely listened and would have agreed to naming her grace Marie but it’s the fact that he didn’t even discuss it with me and has pretty much forced my hand into a name that I don’t completely love without any preparation at all.

I know this is way too early to even be arguing about this stuff since we don’t know the gender but I’m just really upset that he would go ahead and do that. Now I feel like we have to keep Marie as a middle name because I don’t want his mom’s feelings hurt and I know it means a lot to him but I just wish I could have had a little preparation to go ahead and let go of the middle name that I love.

I’m not angry at him anymore but I’m still a little bummed about the situation. I just wish we could have come to the decision together.