CP Question, Please Help



Backstory: Last month, I had a faint positive a day before AF arrived. After 7 days of AF completed, I still “felt pregnant” and had several days of BPF at home. Followed up with the Dr for blood tests.

Over three blood tests, my Beta HCG rose then dropped; it went 35-99-25. So that’s earrrrly due to the HCG level being so low, right? I should have been 5 weeks but those HCG levels are much too low for that...

Here are the questions- Once I got the call that my HCG was dropping, I expected to have some bleeding over the week that followed, but I have had none. I have had light brown discharge regularly since, only and day where I would consider it heavy and thick, but no red blood or cramping. Do you think it’s still coming? Should I be concerned? Was it so “early” in the pregnancy that the brown discharge was probably all I will have? I am at the point I just want my normal cycle back so we can keep trying... anyone ever had a similar experience? When did our cycle come back?

Thanks everyone! 😕