Husband not understanding

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Please tell me it’s just a man thing and they are just too dumb to understand.... I just had a miscarriage last Friday (the 20th) the physical pain stopped Wednesday and I stopped bleeding yesterday. This morning was the first time I’ve laid in bed by myself since the pain has stopped. My husband asked what I wanted to do today I said ‘idk’ then he made the comment of how I don’t ever want to do anything so I rolled over and started crying, because he doesn’t get it. He then made the comment to my daughter asking her if she wants to be a hermit all day and she said no he’s response was me either... digging at me. Then he repeatedly came in telling me to get out of bed while I’m crying. All because he thinks I’m crying because he asked me what we were doing today. So he went outside and I typed up this HUGGGGGEEEEE text to send him. Reminded him of everything that happened and how he needs to take his head out of his ass and put my feelings and emotions into consideration. He was there for me the entire time of the miscarriage. But after the contractions stopped and he went back to work Monday it’s like his life is back to normal. My kids had bible school at his moms church this past week. I went every night to pick them up (with my husband) and sit in that church for a half hour while all I wanted to do was cry because of the physical pain and the emotional pain. Just wanted to know if it’s just my husband or if this is normal. Thanks ladies. 😔❤️