Lately I’ve been really really horny but haven’t had the time to masturbate, my parents are SUPER catholic if they found out i masturbate they would be devastated and soooo disappointed 😔 so I only use my vibrator when they’re out or have music playing or I put my stereo on to block the noise of my little friend but lately they haven’t gone out my stereo hasn’t been working properly and they haven’t listened to music but tonight they went out and left me home alone 😁 I reached for my friend and realised it wasn’t on charge so I put it on charge and waited 30 mins which killed me I was soooooooooo horny and finally it had been thirty mins so I quickly ran back to my room grabbed my friend ripped my clothes of and went to work right when I pushed the on button little orgasms happened IT WAS AMAZING after 5-10 mins I could feel that a big one was going to hit it was getting closer.. and closer.. and closer.... 10 seconds.... 9....8...7....6...5...4....3.....2... DEAD IT GOES FLAT I was heartbroken i put it on charge 35 mins later 5 seconds away from the jackpot and flat AGAIN 😭😭😭 I start to cry I’ve been dripping wet since I woke up from my sexy sexy sexy dream and couldn’t get it out of my head all day ive been walking around dripping wet then finally my parents leave and it goes flat soo close to the big orgasm.... TWICE 😭😭😭.

I could tell the second close call was going to turn me into dust.. atoms and the vibrator goes flat....

I know I’m overreacting but I just needed to vent and you guys popped into my head.. so glad I got this app.