God answering prayers one by one


Good morning ladies! One of the best parts of praying specifically is noticing your prayers being answered one prayer at a time, and God has been doing that for me. When I first started my ttc journey my prayer was always “ bless us with a baby” or “ help me to get pregnant”. I mean there was more to it than that of course but that was really the only request. About 4 or so months ago I began praying specifically and my talks with God became a lot longer. When I began praying specifically I prayed for several things such as my periods to come( I was very irregular and only had like 1-2 in a year), I prayed for his healing on my infertility, healing in my cycles so that everything is working as it is supposed to ( period, ovulation etc), not only do I pray to help my husband and I conceive but I pray to help us to conceive naturally ( no fertility treatments), I pray for a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy and labor and delivery with no major complications, and much much more. God is answering my prayers one by one, and it is such a wonderful thing. A few months ago I asked my doctor to put my on clomid and she wouldn’t do it at that time. She did however put me on a medication to start my periods. I was so nervous the first month taking them thinking it’s not going to work for me( as we had tried 2 other things to get my period going and those failed). Well I took my 7 days worth of pills and 4 days later my period started. I was literally so happy!! I hadn’t had a period in at least 6 months. I mean I was tickled pink to have started a period. There ya go an answered prayer, and boy did I praise God for that period too! Now with this medication I was instructed to wait until the 35th day of my cycle and if my period hasn’t came again on its own, test for pregnancy and if I wasn’t pregnant refill the medication and start again. Well month 2 came, no period and still not pregnant so I started round 2 of the meds. And like clock work took my 7 pills and 4 days later my period came. So I found myself this month really thinking and feeling like I could be pregnant, just waiting until the proper time to test. Well for the past few days I have been feeling awful and yesterday I went to the bathroom, wiped and ...... I was starting my period, on my own, yes I said on my own. I was so surprised and happy, no I wasn’t pregnant but my body is starting to work on its own how it is supposed to. This is God answering another prayer of mine( regulating my cycles and ovulation to work as they are supposed to ). When I texted my husband and told him I started my period he was a little bummed at first because he too thought I might be pregnant this month. During our texting it dawned on me, I have been praying for God to help us conceive naturally without any assistance, and it doesn’t get any more natural than no treatments and no meds. I expressed this to my husband and our eyes are really open and seeing what God is doing for us. We have been praying specifically and God is answering our prayers one by one, we are seeing his work being done and we are so thankful. We know and trust that pregnancy is on its way, we know he is working on that for us. I know this post was long but I wanted to share with all of you the good things God is doing for us and the prayers that are being answered. I also hope this encourages some of you to pray specifically, instead of praying for one big thing,pray for all the little things too that will get you there. It has really encouraged us and strengthened our faith seeing all the prayers that are being answered for us. It’s like watching God put a puzzle together for us piece by piece. If you survived this long post, thank you! I hope this helps and encourages someone in their ttc journey. Praying for you all!