husband keeps checking out other women

my husband keeps checking out other womens butt as they walk pass. he does this in front of me and does it to old women too. i feel disgusted by him and idk how or what i should do about this. one time we both went in the gas station, there was a big woman walking to the door in front of us, and he said to me thay he bets i want to smack her butt. and i said i know he wants to, he said he doesnt, and began feeling somewhat wrong about it. starting checking out my butt. telling me that he doesnt like my legging cause it shows my butt cheeks. another time we went camping w his fam, an old woman walk passed us when we were driving to find our spot, telling my husband to slow down. i saw that he was looking back at her w his side mirror and called her a fat bitch. so many times i caught him checking out a womans butt. this just made me see him different now, like he doesnt respect women or something. i feel like he only see women as sex objects. and he thinks w his dick or something.