TMI! Does someone have an answer for this?

🛑 Long Post, sorry but definitely would appreciate some help! 🛑

I know every day of your fertile window is a different percentage and chances of becoming pregnant.

I also know Glow is ONLY A GUESS based off general population/health and science and every women is different and are bodies/hormones and other factors are always changing things up, but why does it state that my highest chance of becoming pregnant is the day before ovulation?

I know sperm can last up to 5 days inside our bodies, although it’s not guaranteed.

So I’m just curious as to why it wouldn’t be on ovulation day? (Again, if it were the correct day).

🛑 Okay now the TMI part: 🛑

I’m a newbie to tracking.

I swear I can never feel my cervix, but yesterday and today, mostly yesterday, my cervix felt really low. I didn’t check with my fingers but my boyfriend is pretty big, 8 1/2 inches or so and about 3 fingers thick (not mine, his thick man-hand fingers lol). He’s been super rock hard and that already is a lot to take but usually after a few pushes/pumps it becomes comfortable.

(I’m 27 and no virgin)

But the past two days, especially yesterday, I felt like he was hitting my cervix the whole damn time, like not painful but definitely made him feel even bigger.

So I’m not sure if it was closed/opened, hard or soft. But a lower cervix in general, can that mean you’re about to ovulate? Or do you need to know the other things too?

Last month Glow was off by a week and I ended up with ovulation cramps (I think) which I never felt before a week later than Glow predicted. My period came a week later than it was suppose to (which is why I chalked them up to being ovulation cramps).

I’ve been irregular lately and also got off the pill a few months ago. I know there are so many ways of tracking and checking to making sure you’re ovulating, but I am not that deep into TTC yet. Still learning.

Any insight is welcomed as I’m just curious and learning before I take it more seriously.