Tubes removed vs tied


So I'm high risk pregnant with baby #2 and have also had custody of my 6yr old little cousin for 4yrs. The high risk dr advised me to not get pregnant again and with bringing in a 3rd child I'm definitely done. My dr said my so getting a vasectomy is much easier and he agreed to get one but he can be a huge procrastinator and I don't want to risk getting pregnant again. I went for my 28week prenatal appointment yesterday and signed the papers to get my tubes removed after the baby comes but I'm super nervous. I don't know anyone who has had them completely removed only tied. my question is how is the healing process? the pain level? and also how are periods after? people have told me that after tying there's they had raging periods and I don't want to end up having to go on birth control to regulate them, I mean that's why I'm getting fixed to begin with.

edit: my dr won't tie only remove.