So guys back in June. in found out I was a little over 4 weeks on June 10th. We had a bad car accident on that day and I had just found out about the baby. My husband and I were so geeked!! but little to my dismay I knew something was wrong. after a week of finding out I started to spot. I went to the Dr the Sid some test nland told me to keep coming back to the Dr every 3-4 days to check my BHCG levels. (beta hormone levels) Anyway after going back and forth to the hospital for 3-weeks. just to find out I had an Ectopic Pregnancy, and for the Dr to give me a dose of Mexthotrexate (to dissolve the pregnancy) I cried and cried and cried.

I just felt like I killes the baby, my baby. Does this make sense? I just feel so horrible because one Minute I was pregnant and happy and the next minute I wasn't. These past few weeks have been horrible. I've tried talking about it, but my husband don't understand. I don't know I just feel like such a failure.

I just gotta rest and try and repeat. I just can't figure out why this happened. I mean this has never happened before. I have two helathy boy from being pregnant before and carrying both. my boys to term. NEVER ONCE HAD A MISCARRIAGE BEFORE, OR AN ECTOPIC PREGNANCY. I'm confused to say the least as to why this happened.

I just needed to vent.