Unicornuate uterus

Andie • 28 with baby #2 on the way

Hi mommas I just wanted to share my story with y’all because if you are coming across this and were recently diagnosed with a uterine abnormality it can be terrifying and you probably have a thousand questions and went to doctor google and got even more terrified. I know I did the same! A little about me I am currently 29 years old with 2 healthy children a boy and a girl 2.5 and 6 months. With our son we were trying for What felt like a lifetime and now looking back that was a whole other life ago. After about a year and a half of trying unsuccessfully my doctor ordered an hsg and put me on clomid and I did a lot of lab tests etc. Well I happen to work for a radiology company so yay me I got it done free and got to hear my boss talk about my cervix and uterus. I could tell from the excruciating pain and the tone of his voice something was up and I knew it wasn’t good. So I go back to work and of course open my report first thing to read the words possible unicornuate uterus mri advises for further detail. So naturally I google that because my follow up is next week and holy eff what the heck is wrong with me! Well if you googled it you know how terrifying it is and there really aren’t a lot of answers anyways. So I had taken clomid and at the end of the month I was in tears an emotional wreck crying and throwing things like an insane person literally telling my husband I know how irrational I am right now and I cannot stop I feel like I am about to get my period and I don’t think this stupid drug worked and I don’t want to take it again ever it made me a full on lunatic. Well lucky for him it actually had worked and I was pregnant. So for the first 24 weeks I spent with terrible morning sickness on diclegis miserable day and night and then it was finally magically gone but at 26 weeks preeclampsia started and I was put on bed rest for my first pregnancy I opted to go to the mfm because I had no idea what to expect. At 36 weeks I had just got home from an appt where they told me my fluid was terribly low and I need to go hime lay completely still drink a crazy amount of water and do kick counts every hour and if even one was off that I need to come in and they were just wanting to get me through the weekend they would see me back on Monday and most likely plan on being induced. So I get home scared for my baby and what is going to happen. Still had not packed a hospital bag because that made it too real. (Please don’t be like me back your bag early or you’ll regret it) well I come out of the bathroom ready to go start chugging water and continue my Netflix binge if 10+ weeks on house arrest when my water broke and it wasn’t like the movies where it’s a huge gush it just felt like I peed a little and I thought ok that was weird changed clothes and it just kept happening so I call my husband and he picks me up and off to have a baby we go. I was not having contractions when I got to the hospital so they started pitocin and 13 hours later I had a vaginal delivery to a healthy little baby boy who got to skip the nicu and come home when I did. Fast forward to about a year ago I was in birth control we had always talked about having 2 kids 2 years apart but at the time we would’ve started trying I just was not ready I didn’t feel emotionally ready or financially ready to begin the ttc journey because i assumes it would always be hard for me to get pregnant. So imagine my surprise and delight when we got pregnant on accident while on bc without ever ttc. It was just meant to be and the timing was perfect. The second pregnancy I was definitely more laid back I felt like I knew what to expect so I opted out of going to the mfm and had a pretty normal pregnancy until about 35 weeks when I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia again so I was induced at 37 weeks. 15 hours of labor and pitocin later I had another successful vagina delivery. Hopefully if you read this and have an abnormality like me it brought you peace and comfort and hope that it isn’t all scary and bad. Feel free to ask any questions it may take me a while to respond I don’t check the app everyday.