weight gain/baby bump

Amy • 32, Milo James 3/5/20 & Grayson Kade 1/22/19, Happily Married, Runner, Social Worker.

So this is my 5 weeks vs 15 weeks pregnant photo.

At 5.5 weeks I ran a half marathon, was eating healthy, and would run 1 hour and lift 1 hour daily because it’s my lifestyle (doctor approved). At about 7 weeks I started my unhealthy cravings and gave in to them, along with going to the gym only 2-3 times a week to walk. I would throw up if I’d eat grapes, sliced apples, or anything remotely healthy, so this helped me in justifying my poor choices of fast food/chips.

Now at 15 weeks the cravings and throwing up have dwindled, so I want to get my act together. I need to do this for baby and myself. I have gained 12 lbs and have love handles. Would I say this is a baby bump or weight gain?

Has anyone else had this struggle? If so, what helped you in getting back on track?