so sad

Kirsty • Healing from loss of our son at 16 weeks 3 days due to PProm

It’s been six weeks to the day since we lost our little boy. Just so sad today and can’t stop crying. Some days you think it’s getting better and then others it feels as though you’ve been hit in the face with bricks. I lost my job as well as the start of this week. I went back in after being off following my late miscarriage and was fired (apparently I was let go because they were moving in other directions, but it’s clear it’s because I’ve been off) so that has hit us both hard with the shock and stress of that. Ultimately though, nothing compares to the pain of losing our little one. Today has just been a struggle. Got my first counselling session on Thursday so hopefully that will help. I just can not sleep because night time is when it feels the worst. This app and the community have been a real help through all of this so I guess I’m just venting again