Am I pregnant? Please help!😕


My fiancé of 4 years and I were trying to get pregnant. (Not married due to insurance purposes). We recently split out of nowhere because he found someone younger. (We are 20 almost 21, girl is hardly18). I have PCOS but no cysts only a few symptoms. I’ve had regular cycles since getting off BC for the last 7-8 months. Only reason I was diagnosed was because my mom has PCOS so my doctor assumed I did. The end of my menstral cycle was june 18th. June 23,24,25,26 we had unprotected sex each night. Later on the night of the 26th I found out he wasn’t going to his parents house but to this girls. Long story short, we’re over. July 6th I had a general doc appt and asked for a blood pregnancy test. Came back negative within a few hours. After feeling horrible about the situation, I let his best friend of 10 years take me to dinner on July 9th. I slept with him. Unprotected. I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. I have love for this guy and he does for me. Then on July 15th I slept with another person. Unprotected but he pulled out. After that I had pretty much a mental breakdown, my friend took me to see a therapist and I am going twice a week now. I felt and still feel disgusting. I felt like I was getting back at my ex now I just feel trashy. I saw my obgyn on the 16th. I was supposed to begin my period on the 12-13th. My Obgyn gave me a blood order to be done on July 26th for a pregnancy test and STD checks. Went in and had the draw done. (Still no period BTW). STD testing came back negative thank goodness. But my HCG testing hasn’t shown up on my Web charts? I haven’t received a call yet either. Today is Saturday and it’s killing me to wait till Monday. My at home tests have all been negative but still no period. I started smoking after we split because I needed stress relief. Now I’ll do 1-3 every other day sometimes a few days in between. No alcohol and I threw my smokes out. I misscarried once two years ago at 8 weeks only had a positive test at the 8 week mark. I’m confused scared and worried. Can someone explain things to me or offer a little support or share their story? I can’t even do things around the house without thinking about if I’m pregnant or not. My stomach hurts all day long, headaches all day, when I wake up I have aches in my lower back, nausea frequently, I’m more emotional but that could be from the breakup. I have zero of my usual signs before my period (cramps, bloated, hungry). I’m lost and looking for help😕 if you’ve read this far, thank you so much 😩!