Magic in a Bottle!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s your friendly neighborhood art nerd here and I’ve made a lil discovery today. Some of you may already know about this product, some of you may not, but either way, I wasn’t paid for this. Currently I’m on the road home from a family vacation, and I’ve made some ‘special plans’ (wink, wink) with a special friend, and it’s got me a little anxious. Because of this anxiety, I broke out in acne. We’re talkin’ forehead, cheeks, nose—even my chin—with blackheads and pesky pimples. I recently went to wash my face before bedtime hoping it’ll help, until I saw this product on the counter next to the sink. I never knew about this product until a few minutes ago. I have combination skin, which makes for a tough time getting rid of acne as much as I did before I started breaking out. So I put a little bit of the product on my nose, thinking “if it doesn’t work on my nose, it won’t work anywhere else”. I used it twice and my nose had never felt smoother in my life. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what your skin type is, I just wanna bless y’all with this product. It retails for $7-$10 at your local Target 😉 and I’m buying myself a bottle when I get home.

That’s my own picture. Pardon the weird nails and the cut on my hand.