Think he hates me


Been sensing it for a couple weeks now getting worse. He doesn't bring up the baby ever. He isn't engaged in our relationship or anything really the last few days. When I bring up something about bubs (names, stuff to buy etc) he seems to really not care. He asks how I am everyday but seems to forget the answers. Just now its 5:20am, I got up to go to the toilet for the second or third time in 3hrs. When I came back to bed I kicked the dog off so I could get some blankets. He wakes up, calls the dog back and asks me what time i came to bed. I said 2am. He scoffs and says 'what on your phone again'. I said no I came stayed up strategically, theres no need to be rude. He gets upset Oh I wasnt! You take everything the wrong way these days. Ill just shut my mouth. To this I just shut up for a few minutes but its in my head. I know I'm not being sensitive and I only told him two days ago not to fkin react like that when he says something that hurts my feelings. So I start to say whats not rude about... when he cuts me off and says hes not talking to me anymore. I say fine fuck you (first time ever!) and go to the spare room.