Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding minefield


I am a first time mum and I am currently nearly 18 weeks pregnant and I am already feeling immense Mum guilt that I am even considering considering bottle feeding out of choice. I say choice, I’m not sure if it is. There are, as far as I am aware, no physical health issues preventing me from breast feeding however I do believe I have mental challenges. Breast feeding doesn’t come naturally to some women, the idea in fact is completely toe-curling to me. It always has been, partially due to my over sensitive breasts and nipples I imagine. I applaude those women that breastfeed successfully and I do need to make this clear that my view on breastfeeding applies to me and me only. I can happy sit and watch somebody nurse their child and I think the act is beautiful. I also commend those women who have chosen to feed their child in a way that is most effective for both Mum and baby. I would never dream on commenting how somebody else is feeding their child. As long as their fed, I’m happy. I wish people would extend the same courtesy to me and my unborn child.

I see in support groups or forums for bottle feeding parents a lot of stories of can’t or medical issues. What about those who choose to for their mental state? Somebody mentioned the oxygen mask analogy once and it has really stuck. You put your own on first before helping others.

I am not pro anything. I am pro being a healthy happy parent who makes tough decisions for their child and I respect every single mother for making that choice. I hope they can do the same for me.