It has been a year..

Laura • 🇩🇰

When me and my husband agreed it was time to drop the pill and ttc, I had no idea that it would take such a long time. It has now officially been a year since we started to ttc. We do all the tings er are supposed to, I messure BBT, take OPKs, we eat healthy, take vitamins and work out frequantly. But we still cannot get pregnant.

Now we are just waiting for our doctors appointment (which is in a month), but I am so tired of wating..

Our only options is most likely to concive naturally since both me and my husband suffer from mental illness. Where we live you are not allowed to adopt if you have a mental illness, and they can reject helping you with <a href="">IVF</a> also because of out mental illness. It just hurts so bad because we are just people even though we have an illness. All we want is a child to care and love for. We are not bad or uncable people just because we are sick. I know what it can be like to grow up in a home where a parent is mentally ill, and I strive to be different then that. But if we are not given the change, then what can we do?I am just so sad that it is so hard for us to concive.. Thank you for reading my rant, I just wanted to get it out.