Is this normal?

So I have an 8 year old daughter, who to me, was very easy and always ahead with every milestone. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and he has a daughter too. She is now 3 and a half. I just wanted to run some things by you ladies because I’m not sure. She doesn’t talk (few words like “mommy” daddy” my daughters name, “baby” “it’s ok” and “gimme” occasionally). She is not toilet trained at all, drinks soy milk from a bottle all day, and is very clingy. She also jumps in place a lot and throws fits for no good reasons. She won’t sleep in her own bed she sleeps in the middle of my boyfriend and I which I don’t mind but last night she stayed up until 3 am. I am exhausted. I am just wondering if this is normal? I love her with all of my heart and I want to help in any way possible! Her mom is very inconsistent and is a completely different story. But I’m just wondering what I can do to help because I love her so much already. And my daughter was always ahead so she is all I have to compare to you know. I brought up last night at 3am that he and her mother should take her to the pediatrician but idk. Just needing advice from you ladies who have 3.5 year olds! Thank you!!

I honestly feel bad typing all that out because I feel like I am talking bad but I just am needing advice. No hate please!