what is his problem?

wasn't enough he lied to me, hurt me or broke me down. wasn't enough he was in my bed cuddling me whilst meeting up with someone new. wasn't enough he was cruel after I found out. I made a fool of myself granted begging someone who obviously didn't want to be in my life, to stay and work it out.

so here I am trying my damn hardest to get on with things. let go and start rebuilding my life and all I asked for was my key back. but nothing. I've been asking since the day he left for it back and it's like I'm asking for this huge thing. like I'm asking him to sacrifice an organ or something.

you'd think he'd be keen to give it back seeing as how I'm the one who needs to get over it and move on. so why prolong it?

before anyone says it, I can't change my locks as the landlord won't allow it so that's not an option.