best way to start a day 🤤

so to skip the boring details, basically me and my dude hardly slept last night - so when I snapped him at 6am, he responded like 3 minutes later.

So after some bs snaps, I get a nice surprise snap from him asking if I wanna have him come pick me up... so naturally I was like

so he gets me and we go first grab a couple sodas & I show him the way to a parking lot with nothing but woods around it. God bless the woods & his tinted windows 😂

we started going at it, and seriously for 3 hours straight! I’ve never experienced that for that long before but I wasn’t complaining 🤤 but the fun part is, the majority of that time was spent with him pleasuring me, he was loving my reactions.. he even told me I love getting you off, it turns me on

So I’m like

But ANYWAYS, this man ate me out like I was his LAST MEAL. like he’s done it before and I loved it but this whole experience I was like shocked. I didn’t know this was possible but I orgasmed about 15 times over the 3 hours ! I was exhausted after each one, more and more each time, but goodness this felt amazing I just had him keep going - with my whole body shaking and all 🤤

Literally ⬇️😩

I’m sorry, I just had to share how my day started off 😍 now I’ll be in bed the rest of the day because damn I’m exhausted