This guy takes hours to respond?


This guy takes so long to respond and I wonder if he’s playing games. He will take maybe 4-6 hours typically but sometimes it takes around 20 hours for him to respond (this is on snap). He will post to his story, like things on instagram (we follow some of the same people), and even has his location on.

Aside from how long he takes, he can be flirty and the times we’ve hung out, I feel like we have good chemistry. When he goes out with friends to the bar, he usually responds quickly (at most 1 hour) and usually asks if I’m going out that night too. I don’t think it’s because he is drunk because he isn’t the type to drink a lot, he only goes to the bar for like 1-2 hours then heads to a friends place to just hang

Idk why he’s giving me a hard time

Edit: I just assumed that he doesn’t really know how to communicate with girls or how to act around them. Overall he is awkward and has said a few things where I was like “okay, I get he is joking but it’s a weird thing to joke about”. He is polite to me, kind, asks about myself and actively tries to get to know me. I know he has an interest but I feel like it takes awhile for him to make a move

I’ve only stayed over at his place 3 times in the 5 months we’ve been talking and it wasn’t until 2-3 weeks after we met that it was the first time I stayed over. So he can’t be using me for sex?