The following 5 things are some often forgotten items that may come in handy after the baby's birth!


1. Some make-up if you typically wear it. You never know when labor and delivery are going to hit, and most women don't pack their make-up. The thing is some of the most beautiful, unforgettable pictures will be taken in the hours and days after you give birth. Having a little mascara, and perhaps some lip gloss - can ensure that these are pictures you will treasure. Certainly, you will be glowing and beautiful anyways - but a little make-up can help you feel more like yourself after you have your baby.

2. Phone numbers! Most people today have all the important numbers they need stored in their phones, and this makes things much, much easier - especially if you want to share the good news with others. However, make sure you make a little list of numbers that you don't call often (and if you work, your bosses or coworkers numbers), or organize a group message in your phone to make staying in contact with others easier and more efficient. The last thing you want is to listen to your phone beeping and blinging and dinging every few seconds.

3. Nursing pads. Prepare for the leakage. Breastfeeding or not - leakage can occur within hours, or a day from birth. You will find that store bought nursing pads that you bring along with you, will not only work better and be more comfortable, but save you from having to change out of clothing too many times. Bring a comfortable bra, too. Whether you are planning to breastfeed or not, your milk will 'come-in,' making your breasts heavy and swollen. Having a supportive bra can be key.

4. Comfortable clothing for you. While some women may want to just wear the hospital-issued gown, others feel more comfortable in their own pajamas or lounge wear. Consider how you want to be dressed when guests stop by to see the new little one - while this doesn't need to be a business suit, a pair of yoga pants and a comfy t-shirt may make you a little less self-conscious than the short hospital gown.

5. A gift for your other 'littles.' If you have older children, don't forget a little something special for them. Coloring books and crayons to keep them busy, a movie, maybe a new toy - and a little gift that announces that they are a big brother or sister, will make sure they don't feel left out or forgotten. People will be bringing the baby lots of new stuff, and the older siblings tend to get left out.