43 years young


Happy stinking 43rd birthday to me...😡

Sitting here all alone with goggle as my best friend right now. Everyone is either gone or working today so plenty of opportunity for my mind to wander aimlessly. Still not wanting to give up on ttc and not able to afford <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>, I’ve been googling a few things. Does anyone know how a doctor determines blocked Fallopian tubes vs a spasm in the tubes during an HSG test? I’m probably just grasping at straws here but just wondering how they make that determination. I’ve heard that when your tubes are blocked that the HSG is very painful. I felt no pain or cramping at all during the procedure. The doctor said a few times during the procedure that “this part will be a little painful and lots of pressure” but I felt nothing. He did inject my cervix with lidocaine so that finding my OS and inserting the catheter wouldn’t be painful. And that seemed to have been the only pain I felt before and after the procedure when the lidocaine started to wear off. Anyone with any experience? I’m still praying for a miracle but my brain continues to revert back to it’s just NOT going to ever happen again for me. On top of the fact I’m now 43 and fertility clinics in my area REALLY look at age as a large factor as to NOT provide services. Just at a loss and need just a sprinkle of hope to hold on to right now.