Boyfriend being a dick. UPDATE 2

Two days ago me and my boyfriend got into a heated argument where we didn’t talk to each other from 5pm to 1am. When we finally talked he said he was planning to leave because I have been making him upset too much lately and he doesn’t wanna be unhappy in a relationship. He described the reason why I make him upset is because of my “kiddy problems “ and i cry over everything and it’s childish. I listened to him, and him being what he calls straightforward hurt, but as I look back I guess it’s true. I would wake up from a bad dream and cry my eyes out over it, I would see something small and overreact. I knew that would make me upset too. So we talked it out and compromised. Our relationship got a little better but his attitude didn’t. Yesterday at a store, as we were walking out, he told me “I hate it when you do that.” And I said do what? And he said “Yell” like??? I have hearing problems I can’t tell if I’m yelling or not. I told him I can’t hear myself and I’m sorry and he said it’s okay. But he just has this bad aura I feel, like anger. Today as we were sitting at the table, I smelt very strong bleach . I said “God, do you smell that?” And he’s like “Why do you always have to fucking yell?” And I just became silent. it hurt. I’m on my period and my emotions are everywhere. But he’s acting like the victim. Words hurt me very and he’s just being mean to me. What do I do here? I don’t want to leave him, I talked to him after him telling me he wants to leave and when we compromised on things he said he won’t leave me . So idk girls. Idk what to do. If I try talking to him in person he won’t even say anything so it’s like I’m taking to a wall. He’s on his phone watching a gaming video rn so idk..

update: we didnt talk about it, but he’s watching his videos, and massaging my feet. We held each other for a min but i think things will get better

Update 2: we worked out together and when we had alone time he gave me a big hug and apologized , and promised not to be mean again. Then he made me food ❤️