How do I greet my father in law ?

Emily • Mother of 1💙 happily married 💙 Muslim convert 💜

so I'm a recent convert and still learning alot and I'm just stuck on this one thing at the moment. I only met my husbands family 4-5 months ago and still trying to get to know them and my husband and I and our child have moved in with his grandmother(tayta) and me and her have become pretty close and the other day she told me when her son(father Inlaw) comes over or when I go there I should greet him with a hug and kiss on the cheek because he is the father of my husband and I'm naturally a really shy person and cant get the courage to do that and I always end up just greeting him by saying "hello how are you".

and he never walks towards me expecting a hug or anything so is that really how I'm meant to greet my father inlaw?