early PCOS notice


when I was 18 I was getting acne. not that big of a deal for an 18 except I never severed with acne at all then some extra body hair growth. my mom got worried took to get a ton of blood tests then 6mo. later my doctor came back saying that I have POCS. As an 18 being told you may NEVER have kids was really hard to hear.

Over the years I keep it in the back of my mind what, "will be will be. if I'm meant to get pregnant then I will be" but seeing and help out my sister with her 4 kids has always been enjoyable. Now that I'm engaged and want just one pregnancy with the man I love, just once. I'm finally realized that it's not in the cards for me. I hate saying this especially for the fact my fiance is 5 years younger then me. he understands but I still see his hope in his face when we talk about. but I just turned 40.