Intruder Pt. 2/11

I wake up with tape on my mouth, my arms chained to my bed, naked, and a man I’ve never seen before between my legs. I try to stop him, to kick my legs, to save myself. But it’s no use, he is holding my legs and is too strong for me. Tears run down the sides of my face as I try desperately to scream through the tape. I don’t know how to stop this. I need to get away. As he thrusts himself into me again and again, he starts to kiss up my body as if he was trying to calm me down. I freeze in pure fear. “What is he going to do with me when he’s done?” I think to myself, just as he finishes. I lay here in my bed, cold and scared, while I listen to him take a shower. He comes out, glances at me shaking, and says “Sorry, sweetheart, I’ll cover you up in a second.” He finishes dressing and walks over to cover me up. He sits on the bed, looks at me, and says “What am I going to do with you?” I shiver again in terror. He brushes the side of my face with the back of his fingers and says “Don’t worry, darling, I don’t intend to do you any harm. You’re much too pretty to hurt.” His words did not give me any comfort. We hear the front door and as he can tell I’m flooded with hope, he whispers, “One sound and I will have to hurt you.” Blake yells “Babe are you still here?”