Intruder Pt. 4/11

I wake up in another room with no windows and one door that is open and another that’s closed. Their are stairs going up right in the doorway that’s open so I must be in some sort of basement room. I start to move and my legs and mouth are free but my arms are handcuffed to the bed. I’m in my bra and underwear and covered with a blanket. The other door opens to reveal boss coming out of a bathroom. “You must be hungry? It’s 1:31pm.” He says. I’m silent. “Come on darling, there’s no need to be like that.” Silence. “Well I’ll bring you a sandwich and you can choose whether or not you eat it.” He walks up the stairs and closes the door behind him. “The bathroom.” I think, “Maybe there’s a window in the bathroom that I can try to escape from. I’ll see if he’ll let me go when he comes back.” A couple minutes later he comes down the stairs and brings in a sandwich. “Have you decided if you’re eating?” He asks. “I need to pee.” I respond. “You have 5 minutes. No funny business or down you go again.” He slowly uncuffs me and walks me to the bathroom then walks back and sits on the bed. I start to close the bathroom door. “Ah, ah!” He says, “Leave it open.” “Please. I’m terribly uncomfortable. Can I please have it shut?” There’s a long moment of silence. “Fine but you can only have 3 minutes now.” “Okay.” I say. I close the door and turn around. There is no window. I’ll have to try to gain his trust and get upstairs. What I assume is 3 minutes go by and I flush and walk out.