So much anxiety!


This is our first month TTC #3 and I'm so much more anxious this time than I was when I was ttc my sons. I'm 13 dpo but on vacation and will take a test when I get home tomorrow. We did everything we could this month, using OPKs to get our timing down and BDing a lot at the right times. I've had some symptoms like sore breasts that showed up for ovulation and are still here 2 weeks later and some pretty uncomfortable AF-style cramping at 10 dpo to the extent that I thought my period was coming a week early but it disappeared an hour later. AF is now two or three days away and I'm having some mild cramping and twinges but that can be for lots of reasons when TTC. Basically I know our bodies do weird things and there's no way to know without a test but I've got a body saying "maybe?!" and a brain saying "statistically, probably not" and it's all so overwhelming! Ugh! If you finished reading my pity party, extra baby dust to you!