I really wanna VBAC!!!


I’m currently 37+2. This is my second baby and the first was double footling breech which resulted in c-section at 39weeks. My baby girl is now 18months and will be 19months on my due date.

Both pregnancies have been easy-peasy! With this second pregnancy baby girl has been head down for weeks and in the right birth position!

My OB started checking my cervix at 36 weeks and it was closed but 20% effaced. At 37 the same and she stated that baby is still high, not engaging in the pelvis. She went on to say that if at 38 baby hasn’t dropped any of my cervix hasn’t made anymore progress that TOLAC my not be an option and we may have to talk other options.

I reallly want to VBAC for many reasons.

1. Shorter recovery time is needed as I have a little one at home already

2. I don’t want to have another major surgery if I don’t have to in such a relatively short amount of time.

3. The hubby and I want more children and don’t wanna have to be high risk with multiple repeat csections.

Has anyone been here and how did it turn out?

I feel like I don’t wanna end up scheduling a csection too soon and not giving my body enough time or the chance to go into labor. Everything else is looking great for TOLAC and VBAC except for baby girl still being high.