Bettering myself.

Tomorrow I start my diet and workout routine. I’m a stay at home mom so I’m not able to go to the gym. I already have workouts planned out I found off of Pinterest and the workout app I have. I got healthy food yesterday to start my routine as well. I plan on walking around my neighborhood with my daughter and I need to know how long should I walk a day? I’m trying to better myself, I’m tired of feeling drained everyday, I’m tired of feeling ugly & fat. My husband is from South Carolina and he has been in Texas for 5 years. We have a daughter together and he hasn’t seen any of his family in 5 years and I have never met his family besides his dad and brother. So we plan on going this Christmas in 5 more months. I want to lose my baby weight, I had my daughter 8 months ago. My husband feels like I’m going to give up again and doesn’t believe I’m going to stick to it. But I have priorities and I’m sticking to it this time. I’m tired of feeling ugly and depressed. I need motivation ladies and how long should I walk a day?