Due date change... ?

Sprinkles Mom • #1 💙 03/19/19 #2 EDD 03/19/21

Long story short

I went to doctors Friday for constipation - she went over when my last period was etc

Last period June 20

Ovulated June 29

First small symptoms July 6th

Positive test July 11th (faint)

Big symptoms July 14th

Missed period July 16th

Positive test July 17th (dark)

My doctor seemed to think I am further along than 5 weeks - she thinks my last period was May 27th and my June 20 was just spotting...

If this is true my new due date would be like March 3rd and not March 27th like I currently think

Has anyone’s due date been way off?

I have an ultrasound on Wednesday - just wondering others experiences