Gonna make this short as I can...Currently TTC...@36years old, had twin boys @6months preggo 12 years ago that are my angels(died 1 and 2 days AB) had another blessing of a son after losing soon to be 11y/o prince (both clomid pregnancies)...tried again right after my 6weeks after having son because it was so hard to conceive but nothing happened on or off prescribed clomid, even did natural stuff! 10 almost 11 years later hadn't gotten pregnant since due to PCOS and annovulation, but it's been a loooooooooong 10+ years! Did doc prescribed clomid again, ovulated, still BFNs. I know things happen for a reason and God's timing is perfect, so at this point in my life I'm glad I didn't get pregnant back then due to unforeseen circumstances, but now that I'm truly ready with hubby I find this last year has been weighing heavily on my heart in the TTC process. Hubby has been so supportive, even downloading the app and tracking with me, I just love his patience, prayers for twins again over my belly and positivity! Best husband EVER created, but I just needed to vent elsewhere and get encouragement here and wanted to know who else out there is with me?? Feeling like I'm the only one(which I know I'm not) that's been trying for so long and I'm in deep prayer for me and hubby and couples that have been TTC this long or longer that it finally now happens in Jesus Mighty Name I ask so that we can post our miraculous BFPS!! Plus our son really wants siblings, he stated the other day he wished his brothers (the twins) we're alive, left hubby and I speechless....please respond if you are in the same situation. Also respond if you tried this long and you got your BFP and how?

Also want to share this prayer for those whom need it; In response to your prayer request for conceive and against barrenness, I want you to take a moment to repeat this prayer out loud:

"In the name of Jesus, I command the curse and ordination of barrenness to be broken off of my life and my purpose. I am fruitful, effective and blessed beyond measure. 

"I denounce and renounce any covenant of barrenness formed consciously or unconsciously whether by me or on my behalf in the name of Jesus. 

"LORD, let the power of the Holy Spirit overshadow me. Every dry, unproductive, ineffective, barren place will be flooded by Your presence and watered by Your Spirit in the name of Jesus. 

"I am filled with the goodness of God and produce His blessings in the fruit of my womb, my life, my business, my purpose, my family and all that I set my hand to in the name of Jesus. Amen