Will they give me a ultrasound?

Andrea • First time mommy 💕 Married 💍💏 25Yo 💃🏽 Due 7/24/18 #AminahDana

Ok, I’m passed due !! 40+5 days 😭 I’m going crazy ! They keep saying that i should be expecting a call with an induction date and i have YET to hear from my doc office .... tomorrow (Monday) i have my last app and I’m wondering if they will do a ultrasound to check fluids ? Or just to confirm baby’s head down ? Or just ANYTHING at all !!! I haven’t had a ultrasound since 20wks .. they only feel with their hand on my belly to tell me she’s head down . They barley checked me last Monday at 39wks to see if I’m dilated (I’m at a 1) . Last Monday i asked how long do they take to start helping with labor and she responded “a week after due date we start helping“... sooo 7/24 (last Tuesday)was due date soo tomorrow or Tuesday i should be getting some good news right ? So many questions in one post lol .