When did the “miscarriage” happen if you where taking progesterone suppositories?

How long does it usually take for your body to take the natural route and start to miscarriage after stopping progesterone?

I’m around 6 weeks. Long story short, my numbers were low but doubling until last week. Thursday they done more blood work and it came back at only 195 from 152 and the ultrasound didn’t show anything. My numbers are going up and not dropping though. I have to go back next Thursday for more blood work and another ultrasound. The dr said it sounds like a blighted ovum and to stop taking the progesterone because it’s only prolonging the miscarriage. I don’t feel pregnant anymore and having light period cramps off and on but no bleeding. The waiting is the worse. I feel like I’m just in limbo and stuck waiting around to start bleeding. I want to hold on to what little hope is left but my gut is telling me the worse. I don’t know how to feel. I’ve gotten to the space where I accept this is not a viable pregnancy but I feel when it happens, I will be back at day one and all the emotions will hit me even worse. 😞😔