Advice after miscarriage

Amanda • Wife, Step-Mom of 2 boys, Mom to 👼 5/9/18, Rainbow 🌈 Baby Girl 3/17/20 ☘️🍀

I write this with tears just streaming down my face. My cousin and I found out we were both pregnant within a couple of weeks of each other. I had a miscarriage and she’s having a girl. I’m invited to the baby shower this Saturday. Our family is small and I want to be there for her since there won’t be many family members but emotionally I’m still grieving. I’m so happy for her but don’t want to ruin her day when those thoughts of what could have been start playing through my mind and I have to excuse myself in tears. My family isn’t the type to just let me be and will make a big deal out of it. I haven’t RSVP’d so the host text me asking would I like her to make up a story for my absence. I wanted to yell NO! I had a miscarriage that I’d never wish on my worst enemy and I don’t need excuses why I might choose not to go. It’s not a secret and everyone knows so why can’t people just say it like it is...I’m grieving. It’s still hard. I’m happy for her and sad for me. Am I wrong?