always acts like an ass to me

okay so I talk to this guy mainly on snapchat. we were planning a time for me to come over and I said are you gonna be alone? "no I'm gonna be with another girl" i called him a bitch and he said lol. like joking obviously. But then he said "can we have a threesome tonight?" and I assumed he was joking and said lol nah. Like then he just flips a switch. he's been really rude to me lately over text and it's honestly affecting me more than I will admit. well anyways he's says "wtf. worthless" then says I'm " being boring tbh". he gets mad when things don't go exactly his way and it's just sad. I've done mostly everything he wants to without any returning the favor bc he is selfish. ik it's a toxic situation but I'm still attached to him and sad all the time. I know better but I keep entertaining him. idk why. u can do everything for someone and they don't give a damn or appreciate u.